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The Perimeter Bus to Whistler Is No More

While on holidays a friend of the family tried to book a Perimeter bus trip to Whistler to visit her son. This is a trip she makes a couple of times a year. She was shocked to find out Perimeter had ceased operations, effective late November. Now that I’m back, I checked it out myself, […]

2009 Whistler Trip Booked!

Looks like I’m headed back to the land of the 2010 Winter Olympics. Over the weekend I booked a trip to Whistler Blackcomb for January 18 to 24 inclusive, and I couldn’t be more stoked! I obviously talk about Whistler a whole lot on this blog. And while every year I mull a trip to […]

10 Things I Love About Whistler

So while doing my morning reading on snowboarding today, I came across a Denver Post article titled, “10 Things We Love About Vail.” Given I have several favourties of my own, I thought: why not document my faves? So I’m going to start with Whistler Blackcomb. How much is Whistler loved as a ski resort […]

Whistler Guide: Now Updated

Just updated the Whistler Guide after my most recent stay.

The Kick-Ass Perimeter Bus to Whistler

Based on last week’s trip, I’ve added some more insight to the Whistler Guide, including information on the Perimeter Bus, more accommodations and restaurants, and more insight on lift lines and crowds. But then a server hiccup wiped it out. So I’ll have to try again later. Speaking of the Perimeter Bus, check out this […]

Avoid the Lift Lines this Winter

Hate lift lines? The Financial Times has a story on where to visit in North America to find those quality, not-so-crowded destinations. It inspired me to add a “lift lines” section to the Unofficial Whistler Guide. I plan to add a section like that to all the guides I’ve put together.

The Unofficial Whistler Travel Guide

Although I live in Toronto, I have been very lucky to be able to visit Whistler once, sometimes twice, every year for the past several winters. I have visited as a skier, a snowboarder, have stayed with family and purchased accommodations. I think this has given me a unique, unbiased view of the town and mountains. I’ve decided to turn my knowledge into a sort of ‘living document’ as I think of new things and receive more questions