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Riding and Driving While Sliding: A Mont Tremblant Odyssey

Apologies for not being around the past few days! I was riding at Mont Tremblant last weekend, and the trip back took a full day longer than expected thanks to the crazy weather most everyone on the east coast is getting hit with. So I really haven’t had time to write up my trip until […]

Seven Days to Mont Tremblant

One of my annual snowboarding pilgrimages is to Mont Tremblant, possibly one of the most famous ski areas in eastern North America. It’s famous with good reason: the vertical, facilities and European feel make it a preferred destination for pretty much anyone that lives in Ontario, Quebec or many parts of the eastern United States […]

Canadian Ski Resort Improvement Roundup: Post 601 and Counting

First, big ups to Josh for holding down the fort while I was out of town on business travel the past couple of weeks. He put up some great articles that stirred up some interesting discussion. I’m really pleased to have Josh on board! (He was also responsible for post number 600!) I wanted to […]

First Snowboarding Trip Booked: Mont Tremblant!

Over the past couple of years I have made it a habit of heading to Mont Tremblant. Consistently rated one of the best resorts in the east, it’s an Intrawest property with a European feel. Although the mountain is nowhere near the size of anything out west it’s still pretty big, and does the job […]

Ski Resort Web Videos: Our Take

Whether it’s a “vlog” or “video report” or straight-up video, ski resorts are slowly adding video content to their websites. As they do so, each resort adds their own little twist and style – with mixed results. Here are some of the ones we checked out recently. The Canyons’ YouTube Channel Utah’s largest ski and […]

Back From Mont Tremblant. What A Ride!

(Note: This is our last post before the first week of the New Year, as neither of us are around. As always, thanks for reading and happy holidays! We’ll be back to regular posting the first week of January.) Ahhh. Well, we’ve returned from Mont Tremblant, the first big snowboarding trip of the season. And […]

The Conditions Out Here Are Apparently Bananas.

You may have heard that Ontario and pretty much anywhere east of here is getting completely smoked by a huge storm from the United States. Here in Toronto, the city was pretty much snowed in for the weekend, and we’re only digging out of it now. The storm has since moved into Quebec, and we’re […]

Tremblant is Covered, and Tremblog Tells Us All About It

Tremblant is up and running, and apparently there’s snow all over the place; so says Tremblog, which is doing a fantastic job of covering the early days of the season up the 401 (and then some). In local news, Blue Mountain is in snowmaking mode, and so is Moonstone. Moonstone is tentatively planning to open […]