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Snowboarders at Taos: One Year Later

The New York Times has a good article here which looks at Taos, a New Mexico ski resort, a year after finally letting shredders on the slopes. The article’s conclusion? Everyone seems pretty kumbaya. You can check out some of our previous coverage on ass-backwards resorts that ban snowboarders here.

“Snowboarding is Cool. And You Can’t Fight That.”

The Denver Post took a look yesterday at Taos’ decision to welcome snowboarders, and the article reveals it was largely – no wait, it was entirely – economics. Among the factoids revealed in the article: The resort is aiming to average 265,000 visits a year, a goal easily attained in the 1990s, when the resort […]

Hell Has Frozen Over: Taos Now Open To Shredders

So now there’s officially three. Taos joined the ranks of the sensible today, formally welcoming snowboarders to their ski resort. They called it the day “Hell Freezes Over”. Too bad they did it so late in the season. With Taos letting in snowboarders, there are only three major resorts left in the United States that […]

Burton ‘Poachers’ Contest Wraps Up

In December, Burton announced a contest awarding $5,000 to the best video documenting a shredder ‘poaching’ a skiers-only resort. The object was basically to ride down a run on a board, document it, and upload it to Burton.com (check out our previous coverage here). For a long while, there seemed to be little progress; there […]

The Economic Impact of Being a “Skier Only” Resort

Wow, even the Wall Street Journal has picked up the story of Taos, which announced last month it was going to lift its ban on snowboarders. According to the journal, the decision was rooted in pure economics: According to the National Ski Areas Association, the majority of skiers who skied more than a day at […]