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Back from Banff and Sunshine Village

I apologize for my absense, but being the last person I know that doesn’t own a laptop or smartphone, it is difficult for me to get online when I am away from home. But I am indeed back now. Before I left I didn’t know where I would end up riding. It came down to […]

Props to Banff (And Surrounding Areas)

The Chicago Tribune has a nice overview of the ski/snowboard scene in Banff, including what it’s like to ride Sunshine Village, Lake Louise and Marmot Basin (I hadn’t even heard of this third one, but it looks pretty rad). The article reminded me that I really need to get to Banff this winter. In the […]

You are my Sunshine (Village)

Oh snap. James reports: “Dude: http://www.skibanff.com/conditions/webcams.php That white stuff is snow, they tell me.” Indeed, it’s snowing in Banff. Sunshine plans to open November 8.