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Olympic Follow-Up: Snowboardcross Led Injury Category

Interesting stat out last week from the British Journal of Sports Medicine, according to this article by the Canadian Press. According to the study, 73 per cent of the women and 11 per cent of the men sustained injuries. Canada’s badass hockey win aside, I really thought snowboardcross was one of the most exciting events […]

Lessons From Whistler: I Had It All Wrong

It took 150 centimetres over the past week – yes, that’s how much it snowed while I was in Whistler – to show me that Whistler is an incredibly gigantic mountain area with so much terrain that you never have to do the same run twice.

Heading Home From Whistler

I’ll have a full report when I get home. In the meantime, enjoy this photo from a spot on Whistler Bowl near the Christmas Trees area. Given the low visibility at the time, we turned around and dropped into a bowl we were familiar with instead!

Whistler Shredding Day 1: 70cm of Fresh In The Alpine. And It Hasn’t Stopped Since.

“I’ve never seen conditions like this before.” That’s a statement we heard several times Saturday from locals up here in Whistler. Initially, Steve and I were worried we had missed the big pow day. After all, we arrived Friday night, and Whistler had received about 40-50 centimetres of snow the night before. While we knew […]

Jasey-Jay Anderson’s Last Hurrah

CTVOlympics.ca has a great profile of Canadian snowboard star Jasey-Jay Anderson, who’s amassed countless accolades, awards and wins in both slalom and snowboard cross events throughout his career. The Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Anderson’s fourth, will be his last. At the end of the season, Anderson reportedly plans to end his competitive snowboarding career. Because Anderson […]

Today Is World Snowboard Day

Today is World Snowboard Day, which is being celebrated in 32 different countries via more than 130 events. I’d never heard of such a thing until scanning the newswires this week, but it seems like a neat idea. Maybe next year we can put together a feature ahead of time. World Snowboard Day was first […]

Bits and Pieces of Snowboarding News

Still no shredding in my world, but plenty going on elsewhere. Here’s a few things making news right now. As the Olympics approach, Canucks are cleaning up at the parallel giant slalom. Jasey-Jay Anderson took home the gold medal, and fellow Canadian Michael Lambert finished second to him. Details here. Canucks did not do so […]

Snowboarding Season Finally Begins in Ontario

Better late than never, right? Major Ontario ski areas like Blue Mountain and Mt. St. Louis Moonstone are finally opening this weekend, as areas north of Toronto have been receiving heaps of snow all week. Most are opening in a limited capacity, though, with plans to open more lifts and runs as weather permits. In […]

Facebook Needs More Snowboarding Applications!

MAbout this time we made mention of a couple of snowboard-related applications on Facebook. Since then, Facebook applications have obviously taken off in popularity, so we thought maybe it would be time to take another look. Actually, that’s kind of a lie. I was spurred to do so courtesy of Austin from MyLocalMountain.com, who wrote […]

Elevate: Ski, Snowboard & Lifestyle Magazine in Today’s National Post

The National Post, a relatively national newspaper here in Canada, included a print magazine supplement in today’s paper about skiing and snowboarding in Canada. It’s titled Element. You can view the supplement online here. I haven’t read through the whole thing but at first glance it looks pretty good for a free magazine. Highlights include: […]