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Smuggs’ and Vail Ban Employees From Riding Burton Love Boards

I know, I know, we keep posting on the topic, but it keeps getting more interesting. Previously, we’ve covered the controversy surrounding Burton Love snowboards, the ones with the Playboy models on them, here and here. I thought we were done with the topic but along comes Smugglers’ Notch, a well-known Vermont ski resort, banning […]

Burton Love Snowboards Stir Things Up

Earlier this month, we talked about Burton’s new line of park boards. The boards, released under the name “Burton Love”, feature racy images of playboy models and are supported by a marketing strategy based in humour and sex. The question immediately arose as to whether this was a brilliant marketing move or a shallow attempt […]

Here Comes the Sun: Somatic Sunglasses

As Daylight Savings Time kicks in and the snow begins to melt, its obvious that the snowboarding season is coming to a close. It also means, up here in Toronto, anyway, that there’s a wee bit more sunshine to be ad. As such, it means I’ve been tooling around with a pair of Somatic Sunglasses […]

Snowboarding Gift Guide

Here’s ten presents you can buy that are generally unique, affordable and will make the recipient think you’re the coolest ever. If they don’t already think you’re the coolest ever for being a snowboarder, that is.

Report From the 2007 Toronto Ski and Snowboard Show

Last night, Steve and I hit up the Toronto Ski, Snowboard and Travel Show. As intrepid reporters that operate a relatively popular snowboarding and cycling blog, the show was kind enough to hook us up with passes. Just like last year’s show, the Automotive building was jammed with people and vendors. We got in relatively […]