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Ontario’s Blue Mountain Bounces Back

You might recall that last winter was the worst (read: warmest and least snowiest) the Toronto area had seen in years. Many resorts like Blue Mountain were forced to lay off their staff during the much-needed holiday season because, well, warm temperatures forced them all to stay closed. Blue mountain alone was forced to temporarily […]

Strange Headlines from the Ski Resort World

In the category of “things you don’t see every day” .. Ski resort wants to borrow Army howitzer to trigger small avalanches Ski resort manager accused of stealing electricity Ski resorts say: ‘watch your drinking’

“Snowboarding is Cool. And You Can’t Fight That.”

The Denver Post took a look yesterday at Taos’ decision to welcome snowboarders, and the article reveals it was largely – no wait, it was entirely – economics. Among the factoids revealed in the article: The resort is aiming to average 265,000 visits a year, a goal easily attained in the 1990s, when the resort […]

Holiday Valley Ski Resort: A Closer Look

Just got back from Holiday Valley in New York State, which is about three hours from Toronto. I must say, I had a great time and will be going back next year. The location Given the proximity to Toronto, I don’t know why people bother with Blue Mountain. Holiday Valley is a little over three […]

In Park City, “Reckless” is a Loaded Term

I’ve always wanted to ride in Utah. Maybe not in Park City specifically, but I’ve heard nothing but good things about the region, save for the oddball laws that seem to govern certain areas and subjects. Park City has added another strange law to the pile by “outlawing” reckless skiing and snowboarding. What this means […]

Describe Skiing And Snowboarding in One Word, Win A Prize

Addictionary.org is running an interesting contest right now: come up with “a mighty catch-all that describes both skiing and snowboarding” and win a spring trip to Utah to ski/ride. That’s pretty awesome. My suggestions: ¬†Snow sliding ¬†Extreme snow fun having Mad pow mashing Extreme Lift Line Waiting … somehow, I don’t think I’m going to […]

Skiresorts.com Sells for $850k

It’s not often that my day job (in the domain name world) and my favourite pastime (shredding mad pow, of course) intersect. Recently, however, they kind of did (on a subject matter basis, anyway) when skiresorts.com sold for $850,000 at a domain name auction. As anyone in the industry can tell you, domain name auctions […]

The Economic Impact of Being a “Skier Only” Resort

Wow, even the Wall Street Journal has picked up the story of Taos, which announced last month it was going to lift its ban on snowboarders. According to the journal, the decision was rooted in pure economics: According to the National Ski Areas Association, the majority of skiers who skied more than a day at […]