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Olympic Follow-Up: Snowboardcross Led Injury Category

Interesting stat out last week from the British Journal of Sports Medicine, according to this article by the Canadian Press. According to the study, 73 per cent of the women and 11 per cent of the men sustained injuries. Canada’s badass hockey win aside, I really thought snowboardcross was one of the most exciting events […]

VANOC Resorts to Straw at Cypress

There is likely a straightforward answer to this question, but I don’t know what it is: why did the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee (VANOC) decide that Cypress Mountain, which is located in Vancouver, would be a suitable venue for any ski or snowboard events? Are they not aware of how warm the weather can get […]

Snowboard Canada Magazine in Busy Times

I subscribe to Snowboard Canada Magazine.  While I think it is a quality publication, it doesn’t really appeal to me all that much personally.  There is a strong emphasis on snowboarding fashion and what the pros are up to.  Like all paper-based magazines, there are far too many ads for my liking.  There is a […]

Cypress Mountain Closes Ahead of the Games Due to Rain

This ain’t good. Cypress Mountain, which will host freestyle skiing and snowboarding events during the Olympics, has closed due to rain. You can read the details here. The move sounds precautionary – I’m sure that as an Olympic venue, they will have plenty of snow on hand – but it’s still not great news one […]

Jasey-Jay Anderson’s Last Hurrah

CTVOlympics.ca has a great profile of Canadian snowboard star Jasey-Jay Anderson, who’s amassed countless accolades, awards and wins in both slalom and snowboard cross events throughout his career. The Vancouver 2010 Olympics, Anderson’s fourth, will be his last. At the end of the season, Anderson reportedly plans to end his competitive snowboarding career. Because Anderson […]

Ski Resort News: Intrawest in Talks Over Missed Debt Repayment.

Financial websites are abuzz after Intrawest’s reportedly missed a $524 million (USD) loan repayment on Wednesday. You can read the details here. Intrawest partially or fully outright owns many popular ski resorts in North America, including Steamboat, Ontario’s Blue Mountain and Whistler Blackcomb. Vancouver’s Olympic Organizing Committee has said the issue will not effect any […]

Bits and Pieces of Snowboarding News

Still no shredding in my world, but plenty going on elsewhere. Here’s a few things making news right now. As the Olympics approach, Canucks are cleaning up at the parallel giant slalom. Jasey-Jay Anderson took home the gold medal, and fellow Canadian Michael Lambert finished second to him. Details here. Canucks did not do so […]

Cypress Mountain Taking Olympic Heat

Ouch. It looks like the World Cup ski and snowboarding events held at Vancouver’s Cypress Mountain over the past couple of weeks did not garner many rave reviews from fans or athletes. Cypress will host a variety of snowboard and ski events during the 2010 Olympic games. Over at the Toronto Star, Olympic blogger Randy […]

Elevate: Ski, Snowboard & Lifestyle Magazine in Today’s National Post

The National Post, a relatively national newspaper here in Canada, included a print magazine supplement in today’s paper about skiing and snowboarding in Canada. It’s titled Element. You can view the supplement online here. I haven’t read through the whole thing but at first glance it looks pretty good for a free magazine. Highlights include: […]

UPDATED: Winter Olympic Tickets Are Quite A Process

UPDATE: A hearty thanks to Peter Morgan for clarifying some points in the comments of this article. Among his points: On two websites: the IOC only allows the Vancouver Organizing Committee the right to do business on its own inside Canada. Not all Olympic sports events go through the lottery method. Other credit card companies […]