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Cycling: The Toronto to Oakville ‘Greenbean Run’

The weather here in Toronto is amazing, and it’s a long weekend. As such, I was able to get out on the road bike today for the infamous ‘Greenbean Run’, which Steve has mentioned on the blog before. The ride essentially follows the lake out to Oakville, pauses at a really nice coffee house named […]

Mountain Biking in York Region

I’m moving. I currently live in the north end of Toronto, smack-dab on Yonge Street, which is one of Toronto’s major north-south thoroughfares. I’m staying more or less on Yonge Street, but I’m moving about eight kilometres up Yonge Street to York Region, a suburb just north of the city. That’s where affordable houses with […]

Heading out on the MTB

With temperatures regularly above zero now (get your Blue Mountain spring lift tickets while you can!) it’s time for me to bust out the mountain bike. Today will be my first ride. On the cycling end, I’m pretty sure Highly Obsessed Steve has already been out a few times this year. I’m a little lazier […]