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Facebook Needs More Snowboarding Applications!

MAbout this time we made mention of a couple of snowboard-related applications on Facebook. Since then, Facebook applications have obviously taken off in popularity, so we thought maybe it would be time to take another look. Actually, that’s kind of a lie. I was spurred to do so courtesy of Austin from MyLocalMountain.com, who wrote […]

Facebookers Ain’t Snowboarders

Some of you may know that Facebook recently launched its Lexicon feature, which analyzes how many times a keyword or phrase appear in the walls of Facebook users. According to the above chart, two things are immediately apparent. First, more people on Facebook ski than snowboard. Second (and this should come as no surprise), the […]

Snowboarding Applications on Facebook

Facebook applications are pretty cool. Thanks to the social networking site’s liberal stance on programming integrations, users can play Scrabble, buy a domain name, or even get into a food fight, all within the Facebook universe. There are also a few applications related to snowboarding and skiing on Facebook, a couple of which are actually […]