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Attempting to Break a Cycling Record for a Great Cause

Ross Rader, a friend and co-worker of Steve and I, will attempt to break an Ontario cycling record in early May for a great cause. On May 8, Ross is going to attempt to break the word record for a solo crossing of Ontario on a bicycle, while raising awareness and donations for a childhood […]

Cycling: Another 85k (or so) done

A few of us headed back out on the road bike for another ride in a season that seems to be slipping away from us quickly; it’s getting cold up here in Toronto. Thankfully, mother nature gave us a bit of a reprieve yesterday and the mercury hit 30c or so by the time we […]

The 80k+ Ride

Regular readers of this blog will know that in addition to being completely insane about snowboarding I also recently purchased a Specialized Allez Sport road bike, forcing me to join the “dark side” for at least half a year. My first couple of rides were pretty short – around 30k and 40k, to be a […]

Snowboarding, Cycling and the Fatigue Parallel

When it comes to snowboarding trips, I am not the life of the party. I’m usually the first one awake, grumpy that no-one else is; I sigh loudly while I wait for everyone to gear up, wanting to get on the hill as early as possible; and I usually don’t want to leave until ski […]

First Road Ride: 42k in the Books

I just got back from my first solo road ride. It was a 42k jaunt from Richmond Hill, Ontario out west to Highway 50 (which is just west of Woodbridge) along Rutherford Road. 42k is nowhere near where I want to ultimately get this fall, but it was a start. It took me a couple […]

I Now Own A Road Bike: Allez Sport 2008

I suppose this was a long time coming. When Steve first took up road biking, he would sing its praises for hours on end (and in fact, he still does). Once I tried it, he said, I’d never look back. But I never had an interest. After all, I had a mountain bike. And I […]

I Got On A Road Bike.

So one of the reasons you haven’t seen Steve the Cyclist (hi, Steve!) much on this blog over the summer – despite the fact, er, summer is when most cycling takes place – is because he’s pouring all his time and energy into convincing me to buy a road bike. Somewhat regular readers of this […]

Some Public Service Announcements

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you’ve probably noticed several cosmetic changes recently. Truth be told, we’re always tinkering with the site. As a result, here’s a few new things you may not have noticed: Snowboarding and cycling guides: We’re always updating this section with in-depth articles on both topics. Some, like the […]

Ride-along with Steve: Reviewing the Fuji SL1

Six months ago I started reviewing road bikes by interviewing friends and fellow club cyclists. Now that the weather is cooperating and we can get back on the road, it’s time to bring in a few more reviews. This time I wanted to review a bike from a brand that isn’t as well known as […]

Dealing with Road Rash

Last night I made my first appearance on the bike in exactly 2 weeks; I’ve been “couched” with road rash and knee pain since my wreck, but I was surprised at how good I felt once I started to ride. I had a small amount of pain in my knee due to a wound stretching […]