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Cervélo Announces éRide

Just got this in the inbox, and I’m excited to learn that I might have an opportunity to ride a few of my favorite Cervelos. Personally, I wouldn’t go in to a local bike shop and take the SLC-SL, new R3, RS, and Soloist Carbon all for a test ride. With a program like this, […]

Ride-along with Phil: Reviewing the Cervelo Soloist Team

When cycling around Toronto, there is a very good chance that you will encounter a Cervelo. The Cervelo R3 and Soloist Team, for example, are very popular among roadies, and you will see triathletes and time-trialists out practicing on their P2SLs and occasionally the P3C. Cervelos come highly recommended by their riders, often hearing such […]

Trek Equinox TTX -vs- Cervelo P3C

Up The Road has an interesting post comparing wind tunnel test results of the new Trek Equinox TTX to other brands. For me, I don’t really care about the other bikes mentioned; it’s just the Cervelo P3C versus the Equinox. When I think TT bike, I think Cervelo P3C, so I was curious to see […]

Cervelo 2008 Product Line

Cervelo has announced its 2008 product line. While there aren’t many changes to the bikes that you all know and love, there are a few changes on graphics and one totally new model, the RS (pictured). Here’s what they have to say: “As Ferdinand Porsche once said, it is easy to have something new, but […]