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Live In New York? No Car? Get on the Burton Bus

One of the things I like best about Burton is how they market themselves. They’ve positioned themselves as a premium, upscale brand, yet retain this “loosey goosey” feel to their marketing which that appeals to their target market and makes them downright hip. It seems to me they’ve scored another win with their new Burton […]

The Burton Love Snowboard Issue One Last Time: Jake Burton Replies

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know we’ve covered the Burton Love snowboard issue ad nauseum. But we had to re-visit it one more time to point out Jake Burton’s retort. I suppose if Jake is writing about the issue himself, it’s gained a fair bit of attention inside Burton. The reply, […]

Jake Burton Throws Quite A Party

According to this EXPN.com article, Jake Burton throws a party every fall complete with bands, booze and thousands of guests. He even gives people access to his home, which features tunnels big enough to skateboard in, an underground soccer field, and a skateboard ramp. That’s pretty cool. Check out the write-up (and some photos) here.

Do The New Burton Love Snowboards Go Too Far?

Shred gear giant Burton appears to have ignited a bit of a storm with Burton Love, a new line of, er, risque snowboards. According to the Transworld article, the boards were designed by team riders Mikkel Bang and Keegan Valaika, and feature classic Playboy models printed across the deck. I’m not going to post the […]

Burton ‘Poachers’ Contest Wraps Up

In December, Burton announced a contest awarding $5,000 to the best video documenting a shredder ‘poaching’ a skiers-only resort. The object was basically to ride down a run on a board, document it, and upload it to Burton.com (check out our previous coverage here). For a long while, there seemed to be little progress; there […]

Shaun White, X Games and More: Snowboarding News Roundup

Short post day today, as I didn’t have much time at the keyboard. Lots of news in the snowboarding world to report on, though: Shaun White and Burton Snowboards sign a 10 year endorsement deal: That’s pretty crazy. According to Burton’s press release, the partnership deal is the longest in the history of snowboarding. Two […]

Throw Down in a “Skier Only” Resort, Earn Five Grand

I have to hand it to you, our readers. You are making great comments and sending along fantastic articles. This post is based on yet another great comment, one from bry who points out in a comment that Burton is paying $5,000 to the best video documenting an instance of “poaching” — that is, snowboarding […]

Jake Burton: Possibly the Coolest Dad Around. And Also Canadian?

Men’s Vogue is running an article on snowboard guru Jake Burton, who’s largely credited with popularizing snowboarding. The article makes him sound like a pretty damn cool dad; after all, how many dads go to the VH1 Hip Hop Honors Awards, surf, ride, and occasionally trash the house with a big-assed party? I also didn’t […]