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How to Prevent an ACL Tear

Maybe I’m just far more cognizant of it than I used to be, but: it seems like everyone is tearing their ACLs these days. Tiger Woods. Tom Brady. That football coach that got run over on the sidelines recently. This dude on my ultimate frisbee team. Dan Connor from the Carolina Panthers. Nate Burleson of […]

Tiger Woods Has A Torn ACL

Best of luck to the amazing Tiger Woods, who’s done for the season after winning the U.S. Open. He’s taking time off to have the ACL in his left knee reconstructed, and to rehab a double stress fracture in his tibia. I tried golfing three weeks after having my ACL reconstructed, with painful results. But […]

First Turns With the New ACL (And Mt. St. Louis Moonstone Conditions)

Today was a big day for me: I hit the slopes once again, a little more than eight months after having my ACL surgically reconstructed. It’s been a long eight months, with countless hours spent stretching, weightlifting, running and bending, both at physiotherapy and at home. So, needless to say, I was a little apprehensive […]

Eight Months Out: Am I Serious About Snowboarding?

Tomorrow will mark eight months since the ACL reconstruction surgery, and the opportunities to snowboard in Ontario are becoming very real.  I’m very tempted to get back to it; in fact, I scheduled the surgery in March 2007 on purpose so I could get back to riding as soon as possible. But I’m still a […]

Seven Months and Counting

Those of you keeping score at home will undoubtedly know today marks seven months since I had ACL reconstruction surgery on my left knee (OK, so maybe I’m the only one keeping score). The knee feels great; I’m running without any hindrance (except the DonJoy knee brace, of course, but that doesn’t get in the […]