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If you happen to be a big fan of Twitter, you’ll be happy to know that we’ve added our own dedicated feed here at Highly Obsessed. You can keep up with new articles, thoughts and hilarious insight (promise) if you subscribe. For our page, visit: http://twitter.com/highlyobsesse While you’re there, check out a couple of other […]

2008 In Review: Our Most Popular Articles, and Looking Ahead to 2009

2008 was a great year for Highly Obsessed. We welcomed a new writer¬† (hi, Josh!), got our new design up and running (okay, so maybe that was late 2007) and saw a surge in traffic, comments and inbound queries that we were happy to accommodate. As usual, we’re grateful to you, our readers, who keep […]

Slow Times, and Happy Holidays

First, we’d like to wish everyone a happy holidays, and all the best in 2009! Second, a short announcement: posting will be light, if not nonexistent, until the New Year. Josh is shredding out west and I’m heading somewhere warm (Punta Cana!). But rest assured we’ll be back in full effect the first week of […]

We Made Alltop.com

I’m pretty happy about this one. Alltop.com is a pretty well-known directory of websites on various subjects, and we’ve been added to the snowboarding category. We’re in pretty good company: Shaun White‘s blog, Transworld and iRide are all there too. So if you’ve made it over here from Alltop (and judging by our logs a […]

Some Public Service Announcements

If you’re a regular reader of this site, you’ve probably noticed several cosmetic changes recently. Truth be told, we’re always tinkering with the site. As a result, here’s a few new things you may not have noticed: Snowboarding and cycling guides: We’re always updating this section with in-depth articles on both topics. Some, like the […]

Highly Obsessed: New Look, New Feel

If you’re a regular visitor to this site you’ve likely noticed our look and feel has changed significantly over the past few weeks in an effort to a) spruce up our dull design and b) bring together snowboarding and cycling a bit better. Now that the finishing touches are done, we’re happy to officially introduce […]

Wednesday Roundup

Here are some news bits that I stumbled across while browsing the intraweb. Man gets arrested for picking up a fake wallet in the subway. What’s next, cash? GMail’s Google Talk now supports AOL Instant Messenger. USA’s debt will double while Bush is in office. Expected to reach $10 trillion. Perhaps it’s time to stop […]

Creative Ways to Find This Blog

I came across a funny post while perusing Hittinghickers.com today which referenced some odd keywords people used to find the site. So I went into our logs and dug up a few of our own: eating cheese “makes you smell like cheese” – can’t help with that one. getting a knee drained – been there, […]

More changes on Highly Obsessed

In an effort to learn more about our readers, there is now a poll to the right of the content section. You do not have to have an account with us to take part in this poll, so we’d greatly appreciate your input. We are hoping to use polls to find out more about our […]

Highly Obsessed: Here Come the Bikes

(Photo courtesy of Salim Virji) If you’re a regular visitor to this blog, you’ve probably noticed changes are afoot. There’s a new look and feel (thanks, WordPress!), and soon you’re going to notice the arrival of some new content. The new content will be largely on the subject of cycling, and mostly composed by my […]