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Whistler Trip: Two Days to Go!

My 10th trip to Whistler approaches! I’m definitely psyched. Getting There This time Sunday morning, I should hopefully be airborne, flying an Air Canada 777 en route to Hong Kong by way of Vancouver. (I chose that flight because as an Air Canada Elite member, I had a decent shot at upgrading to one of […]

The Snowboarding Blog that Refuses to Die.

Damn you, blog. It’s been more than a year since anything has been posted at Highly Obsessed. And even when we did post some stuff last year, it didn’t last long. It’s been a struggle the past couple of years. So, what happened? It’s not like we enjoy snowboarding less than we used to. Personally, […]

Here Comes the Eastern Snowboard League

“These are the kids that kill it just as hard as the ‘other East Coast’ kids. They’re kind of like the ‘what about us? We’re east coast, too’ crew. These aren’t academy riders. They don’t have the luxury of travelling to multiple resorts in their own backyard. They have┬áone resort, and that’s┬átheir resort. That’s their […]

Helmet Usage Is Up In Canada. Mostly.

Remember when helmets were taboo? It wasn’t too long ago. Anyone wearing a helmet on the slopes who was skiing or riding recreationally was looked at kind of funny. But with the advent of the park, and many snow stars going “mainstream” if you will, helmets have become the norm. I find there’s a similar […]

Updates From Across the Country

I was just reading a recent newsletter from the Canadian Ski Council, and they have a nice roundup of resort improvements this season across Canada. Click the links below to find updates on one close to you. Fernie Nakiska Kimberley Mont Tremblant Mont Sutton Whistler Blackcomb

When Work and Play Collide: .CO Domain Names

I’ve mentioned in the past I work in the domain name industry, and I always get a kick out of instances where work and play collide. Here’s another one: the .CO domain extension, which recently re-launched itself, is now selling like gangbusters. And it seems to have really resonated with ski resorts and other businesses […]

Transworld Snowboarding Launches iPad Version

Popular industry mag Transworld Snowboarding has launched an iPad version of its popular magazine. Available from iTunes for $2.99, the digital edition of the magazine features additional video, music and photos. While I haven’t checked it out, I have purchased a couple of Wired Magazines formatted for the iPad, and the reading experience is great. […]

Snow Apps Your iPhone Needs to Have: Solipskier

Every time I’ve had a few minutes to pick up the iPhone and play a quick game, I’ve chosen Solipskier. This intuitive little game, which cost me less than three bucks, is a whole lot of fun. And although it features a dude on skis rather than a shredder, I figured it was worth mentioning […]

The World Snowboard Championships are Coming

Last week, Norway was awarded the inaugural run of the World Snowboarding Championships, to be held in Olso in 2012. What are the World Snowboarding Championships? Good question. It looks like it will be an event held every four years that features both men’s and women’s slopestyle and halfpipe.

VANOC Resorts to Straw at Cypress

There is likely a straightforward answer to this question, but I don’t know what it is: why did the Vancouver Olympic Organizing Committee (VANOC) decide that Cypress Mountain, which is located in Vancouver, would be a suitable venue for any ski or snowboard events? Are they not aware of how warm the weather can get […]