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Whistler: A Weather Report I Can Get Behind

As I mentioned in yesterday’s return to blogging about snowboarding, I am heading to Whistler for a few days next week. With a baby due in January, I knew my annual week-long trip to Whistler to ride was not going to happen. I had resigned myself to skipping this year entirely, but some vacation days […]

The Snowboarding Blog that Refuses to Die.

Damn you, blog. It’s been more than a year since anything has been posted at Highly Obsessed. And even when we did post some stuff last year, it didn’t last long. It’s been a struggle the past couple of years. So, what happened? It’s not like we enjoy snowboarding less than we used to. Personally, […]

Here Comes the Eastern Snowboard League

“These are the kids that kill it just as hard as the ‘other East Coast’ kids. They’re kind of like the ‘what about us? We’re east coast, too’ crew. These aren’t academy riders. They don’t have the luxury of travelling to multiple resorts in their own backyard. They have one resort, and that’s their resort. That’s their […]

Helmet Usage Is Up In Canada. Mostly.

Remember when helmets were taboo? It wasn’t too long ago. Anyone wearing a helmet on the slopes who was skiing or riding recreationally was looked at kind of funny. But with the advent of the park, and many snow stars going “mainstream” if you will, helmets have become the norm. I find there’s a similar […]

Updates From Across the Country

I was just reading a recent newsletter from the Canadian Ski Council, and they have a nice roundup of resort improvements this season across Canada. Click the links below to find updates on one close to you. Fernie Nakiska Kimberley Mont Tremblant Mont Sutton Whistler Blackcomb

Take the Ski Train to France

Remember when I said our UK buddies had the distinct advantage of being only hours away from accessing epic international terrain? I don’t think I realized how easy it actually was. The Eurostar ski train leaves regularly after the Christmas holidays and drops riders off in the resorts of Moûtiers, Aime-la-Plagne or Bourg-St-Maurice – all […]

Whistler Terrain Parks: 2010-2011 Update

Here’s a brief on what’s new this year in the terrain parks at Whistler Blackcomb. Whistler Blackcomb Parks 2011 Update from Lucas Ouellette on Vimeo.

It Could Be Worse. There Could Be NO SNOW.

The blog has once again been quiet because I was on an eight day business trip. When on the road, I find it difficult to keep up with my work email and the websites I typically follow, nevermind my personal email or blog. As a result, I end up somewhat disappearing for a few days. […]

It Begins

Running around like crazy to get ready for a work trip but I wanted to share this tweet I came across! It’s started: over 20cm of snow has blanketed Banff-Lake Louise, with more forecasted. via @SkiBig3com For anyone interested.. Whistler has announced opening day will be November 25.

Holiday Valley To Introduce Big Upgrades

Holiday Valley, a popular ski resort a couple of hours from here in the Buffalo, NY area, is rolling out some significant upgrades this year. A new 2500′ run, improved night skiing, a faster, better lift and more snowmaking are among the improvements the resort will be rolling out this year. All in, the resort […]