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My ACL Tear and Recovery

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The Knee Brace is Gone

Back in August I was wondering if it was finally time to ditch my knee brace (you can read the post here; it links to an interesting article on ACL surgery recovery). I’m now pleased to report the brace is (hopefully) gone forever! I ditched it during the current ultimate frisbee season, and frankly I’m […]

ACL Recovery: When Is It Time to Lose the Knee Brace?

As to when the brace should be applied and how long it should be used, Liston says that the doctor will often tell the athlete, “I don’t care how you feel, I want you to wear the brace for 1 year postsurgery.Many of you are aware that I had ACL reconstruction surgery a couple of […]

So Long, Winter

Another season is done, this time marked by a record-low 11 days of riding. So much for being Highly Obsessed. Toss in a vacation, extensive work travel and hectic days at the office and suddenly this blog is neglected. But this post marks two days in a row of posting, a trend I hope to […]

Follow Along With an ACL Recovery

Okay, so I haven’t posted in eons. But I swear I have an excuse! More on that in a subsequent post. In the meantime, I just wanted to flag Andrew’s blog as he recovers from an ACL replacement. Anyone with questions about the process should follow along; he went under the knife five days ago. […]

Are Women Are More Prone to ACL Tears? The Answer is a Resounding YES

Are women more prone to torn ACL injuries? According to a litany of articles, the answer is a resounding yes. According to a recent article The Guardian, some women in their 20s never fully recover, even after successful surgery. A source in this ESPN.COM article surmises women are twice as susceptible than men to suffer […]

How to Prevent an ACL Tear

Maybe I’m just far more cognizant of it than I used to be, but: it seems like everyone is tearing their ACLs these days. Tiger Woods. Tom Brady. That football coach that got run over on the sidelines recently. This dude on my ultimate frisbee team. Dan Connor from the Carolina Panthers. Nate Burleson of […]


I played ultimate this weekend against a team led by a dude wearing a much larger version of my custom Donjoy Defiance knee brace. Given it was obvious he’d injured a ligament, I inquired. “ACL?” I asked. “Yup,” he said, looking at my knee brace. Then he gave me a high-five. “How long since you […]

Slow Posting, Busy Commenting

As you can probably tell posting this summer hasn’t been exactly, er, frequent. There’s a host of excuses I could come up with – job, travel, needing to poke Steve more to write about cycling – but the bottom line is also that July and August have been really slow for news, too. So don’t […]

Tiger Woods Has A Torn ACL

Best of luck to the amazing Tiger Woods, who’s done for the season after winning the U.S. Open. He’s taking time off to have the ACL in his left knee reconstructed, and to rehab a double stress fracture in his tibia. I tried golfing three weeks after having my ACL reconstructed, with painful results. But […]

Exciting Things To Do In Lieu Of Snowboarding

Summer is officially here. Okay, not officially – but here in Toronto, the thermometer is going to reach well above 30 celsius, and the humidex will make it feel like around 40. Once temperatures reach this area I start to to realize just how far away I am from snowboarding again; five months or so, […]