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Helmet Usage Is Up In Canada. Mostly.

Remember when helmets were taboo? It wasn’t too long ago. Anyone wearing a helmet on the slopes who was skiing or riding recreationally was looked at kind of funny. But with the advent of the park, and many snow stars going “mainstream” if you will, helmets have become the norm. I find there’s a similar […]

Updates From Across the Country

I was just reading a recent newsletter from the Canadian Ski Council, and they have a nice roundup of resort improvements this season across Canada. Click the links below to find updates on one close to you. Fernie Nakiska Kimberley Mont Tremblant Mont Sutton Whistler Blackcomb

Riding and Driving While Sliding: A Mont Tremblant Odyssey

Apologies for not being around the past few days! I was riding at Mont Tremblant last weekend, and the trip back took a full day longer than expected thanks to the crazy weather most everyone on the east coast is getting hit with. So I really haven’t had time to write up my trip until […]

Live In New York? No Car? Get on the Burton Bus

One of the things I like best about Burton is how they market themselves. They’ve positioned themselves as a premium, upscale brand, yet retain this “loosey goosey” feel to their marketing which that appeals to their target market and makes them downright hip. It seems to me they’ve scored another win with their new Burton […]

The Burton Love Snowboard Issue One Last Time: Jake Burton Replies

If you’re a regular reader of this blog you know we’ve covered the Burton Love snowboard issue ad nauseum. But we had to re-visit it one more time to point out Jake Burton’s retort. I suppose if Jake is writing about the issue himself, it’s gained a fair bit of attention inside Burton. The reply, […]

Elevate: Ski, Snowboard & Lifestyle Magazine in Today’s National Post

The National Post, a relatively national newspaper here in Canada, included a print magazine supplement in today’s paper about skiing and snowboarding in Canada. It’s titled Element. You can view the supplement online here. I haven’t read through the whole thing but at first glance it looks pretty good for a free magazine. Highlights include: […]

First Turns At Mt. St. Louis Moonstone

As mentioned yesterday, I headed to Mt. St. Louis Moonstone to get some turns in on limited terrain. Moonstone was operating six runs and three chairs, which didn’t sound bad but turned out to get boring fast. One of those runs was a bunny hill served by a creaky chair, and the others basically were […]

First Snowboarding Trip Booked: Mont Tremblant!

Over the past couple of years I have made it a habit of heading to Mont Tremblant. Consistently rated one of the best resorts in the east, it’s an Intrawest property with a European feel. Although the mountain is nowhere near the size of anything out west it’s still pretty big, and does the job […]

Vermonters Get Resort Improvements

First Tracks has a phenomenal overview of all the improvements that took place over the summer at ski resorts around Vermont. If you’re planning to head to Vermont this winter or live there now, you’ll definitely want to check this article out. It includes updates on Stowe, Jay Peak, Bromley, Burke Mountain and many many […]

Blue Mountain Ski Resort: From the “I Didn’t Know That” Department

Some interesting stuff I discovered while looking around for some post content this week: There is a ski resort in Ontario that’s taller than Blue Mountain and big enough to host an FIS-sanctioned Giant Slalom Race: The Georgian Peaks Ski Club. With a vertical of 820 feet, Georgian Peaks is Ontario’s highest and longest hill. […]