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I Now Own A Road Bike: Allez Sport 2008

I suppose this was a long time coming. When Steve first took up road biking, he would sing its praises for hours on end (and in fact, he still does). Once I tried it, he said, I’d never look back. But I never had an interest. After all, I had a mountain bike. And I […]

Ride-along with Steve: Reviewing the Fuji SL1

Six months ago I started reviewing road bikes by interviewing friends and fellow club cyclists. Now that the weather is cooperating and we can get back on the road, it’s time to bring in a few more reviews. This time I wanted to review a bike from a brand that isn’t as well known as […]

Ride-along with Phil: Reviewing the Cervelo Soloist Team

When cycling around Toronto, there is a very good chance that you will encounter a Cervelo. The Cervelo R3 and Soloist Team, for example, are very popular among roadies, and you will see triathletes and time-trialists out practicing on their P2SLs and occasionally the P3C. Cervelos come highly recommended by their riders, often hearing such […]

More Bike Reviews, “Ride-along” Style

As the cycling season comes to a close, I’ll need topics to write about to keep myself occupied. One area that I would like to further establish here on highlyobsessed is product reviews, especially bike reviews. Unfortunately, I only have access to my bike and the occasional test ride at local bike shops, made even […]

From Bontrager to Fulcrum

Like all Trek Madones, my 2006 5.2 came with Bontrager wheels. Bontrager Race Lites to be exact. Bontrager wheels are found exclusively on Trek bikes and, with the exception of their high-end carbon wheels, are widely considered to be mediocre. The front wheel of the Lite has 20 spokes while the back wheel contains 24, […]