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Whistler: A Weather Report I Can Get Behind

As I mentioned in yesterday’s return to blogging about snowboarding, I am heading to Whistler for a few days next week. With a baby due in January, I knew my annual week-long trip to Whistler to ride was not going to happen. I had resigned myself to skipping this year entirely, but some vacation days to burn and a fair bit of snow recently have changed my mind. As a result, I’m heading up Sunday (the 27th). The plan is to ride two days, and come back Wednesday.

I know conditions can’t possibly be like what I experienced in 2010, but with up to 80 centimetres scheduled to arrive by Tuesday, I’m hoping to encounter some pretty good early season conditions. Whistler only has a couple of chairs operating right now (green chair, red chair), but with Blackcomb opening on the 24th and a big dump of snow on the way, I’m hoping available terrain will expand greatly by the time I get on the hill on the 28th.

Regardless, it will be fun.



  1. Bring a face mask if you have one, weather in Whistler can be pretty brutal early season (80kph+ winds and zero visability) having said that it’s my favourite time of year because it’s often really quiet and you can get into Harmony by hiking Pika’s traverse (don’t go past the avalanch control signs though! Have fun up there

    Posted by David Hayes | November 21, 2011, 11:07 am